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Shout Out

Say “Hello!” to Shout Out.

Since 1997, Maggie Speaks has been honing the craft of live music performance. Beyond technical ability and professionalism, each performance demands a particular flow and energy to make the night a success.

Shout Out continues this pursuit with some of the finest performers in Chicago, drawing upon the Maggie Speaks family expertise since 2013. They deliver the same high energy, non-stop performances that have become a trademark of all of the Maggie Speaks’ bands.

More packed dance floors, more hands-in-the-air parties, more unforgettable wedding receptions, more corporate events that really feel like a celebration. Clients who need top quality musical entertainment they can trust for special events, come to Maggie Speaks, and Shout Out personifies that trust.

All world class musicians in their own right, the members of Shout Out have become a part of our musical family, helping to push the expectations and boundaries of cover bands. Whether it is a family wedding or a corporate party they are expecting you to knock out of the ballpark, Shout Out will come through for you.

We know the importance of a soundtrack to set the mood and intensity of any occasion and Shout Out performs masterfully to set the right feel for any event, helping you to establish the right feel and flow of your party. And of course, delivering the energy that makes people say, “wow”.

For an event that your guests will appreciate long after the evening ends, trust Shout Out.