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Maggie Speaks is a staple at many street and park festivals. We have long-running and trusted partnerships with cities and villages across the country to foster community spirit and celebration for a family-friendly good time. With an ever-changing live show that spans six decades of music, Maggie Speaks delivers a non-stop stream of hits that can bring together a festival’s wide demographic range. We are constantly pushing the envelope to create unique shows with song lists and mashups that get the crowd swaying, bopping, and dancing for a high energy event.

Maggie Speaks has over 17,000 social media followers and over 20 years of a loyal fanbase. Our band has the reach and enthusiastic following you need to make your festival a great success. There is a synergy between Maggie Speaks and our audiences that allow your festival attendees to become a part of our shows. We share posts on our Facebook page and send out tweets during the show to request songs, request shout outs, or just say “hi” to bring an interactive element to our show.

“Maggie Speaks was my first call when planning our festival.  Their versatility is second to none. We had to stop letting people in it was so crowded.”

Maggie Speaks makes your event memorable, engaging, special, and easy. If you are looking for energetic and absolutely dynamic music, music that will set your event apart from all other festivals, Maggie Speaks is your band. Your festival will be a non-stop, high-energy, hands-in-the-air party.

Classic. Contemporary. Never cliché. All the timeless favorites from every great decade, but never locked in time. If there is an emerging trend in music, Maggie Speaks has it covered and mastered. Our band is comprised of the finest, top-tier musicians.

Put the innovative passion and professionalism of Maggie Speaks to work for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started.

Maggie Speaks at Itasca’s 4th of July Fireworks
Maggie Speaks with Celebrity Sit-In Guest Randall Hall (formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd) at CD and ME in Frankfort, IL
Maggie Speaks at St. Cletus Fest in La Grange, IL

Just months after celebrating 20 successful years of performance, award winning cover band Maggie Speaks has made waves in the event and entertainment world yet again. Putting together a lifetime-best performance, the musicians took the stage to entertain at Illinois’ most talked about event of the year. In early January, Naperville entertainment company Magnificent Event bands Maggie Speaks and Talk of the Town Big Band took stage at the Illinois Inaugural Ball alongside fellow musicians The CoverGirls Violin Show.

SCENE Magazine – January 26, 2019