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Maggie Speaks

Maggie Speaks has been entertaining people and corporations for the past two decades.  Their client list reads like a who’s who of the Fortune 500.  Whether it is a general session band, or the big annual sales incentive trip, or a wedding to remember for a lifetime Maggie Speaks has done it all across the globe.  They truly are the band client’s trust when absolutely everything needs to be perfect.

This nationally award-winning band was recognized by Event Solutions Magazine as 2010’s Best Entertainment Ensemble and American Entertainment Magazine’s Best Duo or Group in 2009.   Maggie Speaks has traveled the globe for corporate events with shows in Italy, Shanghai, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas and Canada.

Maggie Speaks has played some of the most prestigious events and venues such as Austin City Limits Live, the NHL Winter Classic at Wrigley Field and the Super Bowl NFL Pre-game Tailgate.  In all, Maggie Speaks has performed in 13 different countries and 34 different states.

Covering music from the 60’s through today, Maggie Speaks delivers a show that has no musical limits.  Rock, Pop, Top 40 and more, Maggie Speaks musical diversity is second to none.  They are known for their high level of customization to make each event feel special.  If there is a theme you want, Maggie Speaks can create it.  When clients can’t afford for anything to go wrong, they hire Maggie Speaks.

“The band is able to perform almost any genre of music so no matter what situation or audience they are in front of, they always have a deep well of music, and decades and genres to draw from.”

More of a band that plays weddings than a “wedding band”, Maggie Speaks grew in the wedding market through wedding attendees who experienced the band live coupled with word of mouth. Maggie Speaks packed dance floors and pushed the envelope with modern music at a time when most wedding bands were thoroughly rooted in the disco ‘70s and Motown music.

Maggie Speaks began to craft a strategy with how to be relevant to both younger and older generations. They took the best elements of what a DJ could offer by providing a repertoire with no musical boundaries and a constant, non-stop approach of going song to song with no dead air.

Maggie Speaks expertly crafted medleys and mashups that seamlessly crossed generational boundaries and genres which engaged all demographics on the dance floor at once. For example, the cover band would begin a medley with a ‘70s tune which will get the older generation on the dance floor. After a verse and a chorus, the band will seamlessly transition into a modern tune which keeps the older generation on the dance floor and also engage the younger generation. From there, the band will not stop playing, keeping the dance floor populated the entire evening.

The band began performing at corporate events in 2000 after a Fortune 500 executive saw them perform at a night club in Chicago after a Cubs game. Seeing the crowd and the way the crowd responded, he decided that this was the energy that he wanted at his company’s next event. After a hugely successful show, the company began traveling the band all over the US for their events in other cities. Eventually this led to international travel. To date, Maggie Speaks has performed in thirteen different countries and thirty-three different states.

Corporations trust Maggie Speaks for their biggest events and often commission the band to build specialty theme shows including: disco, Latin, country, yacht rock, unplugged, tribute, decade nights, and more! This has allowed the band to gain range and the ability to perform almost any genre of music. No matter what situation or audience you dream up for our bands, they always have a deep well of music, decades, and genres to draw from.

“Celebrity Sit-Ins provide clients and the audience with the star power they seek at their events at an affordable price without the hassles of traveling celebrity talent.”

An evolution to house band for the rock stars. In 2007, the band added a female singer to the mix to broaden their repertoire. In the 2014, the band added a hip-hop artist to continue to capture the evolution of music. In 2017, looking for yet another way to innovate the live music experience, the band began working with current and former lead singers of world-famous bands through Celebrity Sit-Ins.

Maggie Speaks serves as a house band for the stars as they rock through their four to six biggest hits. It provides our clients and their audience with the star power they seek at their events at an affordable price without the hassles of traveling celebrity talent. It is high impact in that the audience hears the hits and only the hits with no filler material. All without sacrificing the variety that Maggie Speaks brings to the performances!

Never getting boxed into a corner is the key to Maggie Speaks’ success. Our clients are provided with both great entertainment and the event producer mentality that is crucial to successful events. As a creative force in the industry, our clients are able to customize and design their events around Maggie Speaks. No longer is it taking a square peg and sticking it in a round hole, Dave Calzaretta and the band are able to gain a quick understanding of your desired theme, vision, wants, and needs in order to develop a custom event that leaves their guests in awe of what they are witnessing.

Part of what makes Maggie Speaks successful is the personality and reputation of Dave Calzaretta, band founder. He has sat on the board of directors for international organizations such as the International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers and sat on the Chicago board of directors for the International Live Events Association.

He founded his event production and talent buying company Magnificent Events in 2000 and has been producing shows, bands, and other entertainment events since. He has booked celebrity talent such as Lionel Richie, the Barenaked Ladies, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Temptations, the Spinners, 38 Special, Night Ranger, Asia, Phil Vassar, Colby Caillat, Bret Michaels, Charlie Daniels Band, Kansas, and more.

Calzaretta is seen as an innovator and authority throughout the events industry, speaking nationally at conferences like Biz Bash, the International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers, the Association of Event Professionals, Event Solutions, and the Special Event and International Live Events Association.

Behind the scenes Blake Cooper, drummer of the band since 2000. Blake continues to evolve the band’s on-stage performance, delivery, and presence through his expert knowledge of technology. By keeping up with the latest industry trends and incorporating technology into live performances, his expertise allows Maggie Speaks to take national celebrity touring innovations and apply them to corporate and private events.