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Maggie Speaks Rocks Jennifer and Rob’s Wedding

Maggie Speaks Rocks Jennifer and Rob’s Wedding

Maggie Speaks is dedicated to custom curating the entertainment of their clients’ dreams. And when it comes to weddings, most people have a dream of exactly what they want that entertainment to encompass… even if it is hard to find.

That was the case for Jennifer and Rob, who recently wed and celebrated their nuptials in style, thanks to Maggie Speaks’ sister band, Final Say. The couple was struggling to find entertainment options that provided the diversity and wherewithal to execute their vision for their event. There were recommended to the Maggie Speaks family of bands by a corporate event producer the company has worked with in the past — and it turns out Dave and the couple had worked together in the past too for some of their charitable organizations they run.

Prior to connecting with Maggie Speaks/Final Say, Jennifer and Rob were told by two other event companies that they would never find a company that could execute their vision. Maggie Speaks’ Founder Dave Calzaretta prides himself on doing what others can’t. And in being up for the challenge of making their clients’ dreams come true.

“We have built so many different theme shows for corporate events that it gives us a tremendous base to operate from when curating custom events,” says Calzaretta. “We have a large stable of versatile musicians to start with and then we can sprinkle in specialists to really lead various components of the evening and make them unique and special.”

The Maggie Speaks family of bands is well versed in doing what hasn’t been done. The company has performed other custom curated events such as a show they called Backstage Pass in Maui for a corporate event.  This simulated “battle of the bands” featured a common rhythm section and then their fronts specialized in different genres.

“We had male and female rock performers, country performers, pop performers and disco performers,” Calzaretta says. “Each pair of fronts had their own unique segment and in between each segment we built custom mashups that went back and forth between the two genres we were switching off from to create a battle. The finale featured us doing the song “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC with a verse in all four genres.”  Check it out:

For their wedding entertainment, the couple were looking to combine their three major loves in music — authentic New Orleans Jazz, Motown and Yacht Rock. And while those are three genres that people rarely think of together, Maggie Speaks/Final Say was able to think outside of the box and customize their entertainment. The company did so by first by tapping a New Orleans based singer/pianist to lead a combo during cocktail hour to channel the spirit of Bourbon Street, bringing guests a lively Mardi Gras themed set list.

“With bass, drums, sax and guitar added to the mix, the guests were already dancing and swaying during cocktails,” says Calzaretta. “Then, after dinner, we swapped out keyboard players, brought on an additional guitarist as well as a male and female vocalist that were experts in the Yacht Rock genre, which features intricate harmonies and instrumentation. Our sax player has toured the world with Brian Culbertson so his abilities on the New Orleans front were substantial, but he is also an accomplished vocalist that actually did a Stevie Wonder tribute for Magnificent Events and Entertainment for a separate custom creation.  Sprinkling him into the mix really put this event over the top.” The set list took hits from Hall and Oates, Little River Band, Toto and the Doobie Brothers combined with some Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye to create the perfect balance that Jen and Rob were looking for.

The result? Very happy clients. Jen recently sent this message: “A very belated note to thank you and the rest of the band for making our wedding everything we dreamed of! We are so grateful to have found you. The music, the musicianship, the personalities and vibes were all just perfection; we had an absolute blast. We both certainly hope this is not the last time we’ll see you- maybe we should get married every year?”

Creating incredible memories for their clients is what motivates Calzaretta to continue seeking to do what has not yet been done and truly customize one of a kind entertainment for his clients. “There is no better reward than when the client tells you they want to get married all over again just to experience the party,” he says. “Knowing that they had almost given up hope of getting what they wanted and us being able to execute makes the reward even sweeter than the wedding cake.”