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Welcome the New Year In Style with Maggie Speaks


Welcome the New Year In Style with Maggie Speaks

More people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve than any other holiday. Make sure the start of your 2022 is memorable with a professionally planned New Year’s bash. Booking live entertainment will elevate your event in multiple ways:

  • It will generate hype for your party beforehand. Many people enjoy live entertainment and will be more motivated to attend your event when they find out who’s performing. In addition, those who were already planning to attend will have even more to look forward to, adding excitement and energy leading up to the date.
  • A live band or live performance will keep guests entertained, which is the main reason people attend parties in the first place. Guests expect to see something that will keep them occupied and interested.  
  • Having a main stage creates a focal point and natural gathering area for guests to mingle. Live talent with excellent dance music will bring everyone together and keep the energy of the party up.
  • Musical entertainment also has the power to strengthen your party theme, should you have one. If not, you can consider a live band like Maggie Speaks, which performs cover songs in a variety of genres. 
  • Providing guests with quality entertainment is like giving them a free concert, which will make your event memorable. Typical parties can be forgettable, but people will be talking about your event for years to come when you have good entertainment that draws a big crowd.

Ready to create your custom New Year’s event? The Magnificent Events and Entertainment team has more than two decades of booking Maggie Speaks and industry experience, with all the connections and skills needed to create an unforgettable NYE affair. Call (815) 230-3770, email, or visit us online at today. We’ll help you pack the dance floor and ensure you ring in the new year on key.