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Benefits of a Custom Setlist

Benefits of a Custom Setlist

When you hire a band for your event, you get the benefit of working with the band leader to establish the types of music and instrumentation that is going to be best for your guest list and theme. You may want to consider Latin dance music for a party crowd, or a jazz inspired set of tunes for your dinner reception. You may love a big hit song, but need it performed with a theme enhancing arrangement. The benefits of a custom setlist are endless. 

Music for the right theme: If you’re having a corporate event or festival that has a certain theme, you are most likely going to want the music to match the theme. Having a custom setlist can ensure the “feel” of music you want played at your themed event, will get played. There will be no random songs from a shuffle, no inappropriate musical styles, and no unnecessary language.

The right music for each part of the event: Let’s say your event consists of a cocktail hour, dinner, and then dancing. With a custom setlist you can make sure the music during dinner stays more in the background, and isn’t too loud or upbeat. Whereas during the dancing portion of the event, you may want the music at a louder volume and more upbeat or dance friendly so people get on their feet! A band can accommodate these changes easily without losing “feel” consistency like you would playing Frank Sinatra, and then switching right to Black Eyed Peas. 

Music that’s in tune with your attendees: For most events, you know what type of crowd you will have on the dance floor. Creating a custom setlist allows you to choose the right music for the right crowd. You want your guests to get up and sing along to the music, so ensuring that the crowd knows the songs will benefit your event.Your band will also know how to read that crowd and can lengthen a song, shorten a song, or remove a song from your setlist if needed. 

Music that works best in the venue: Creating a custom setlist that amplifies your event space will liven up your event. The music you would choose to play at an outdoor space is going to be different than the music you choose at an indoor ballroom venue. You want the music to match and compliment every aspect of your event. If the venue has a fire wall feature, it might be entertaining for your guests to hear “We Didn’t Start the Fire” or another fire-influenced tune.