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Tips to Make Your Event Rock

Tips to Make Your Event Rock

With October nearly behind us, the holiday season will be here before we know it. A few months ago, we dished out our top tips to incorporate live music into all your holiday events. If you are looking to add more festive cheer to your event, check out these additional ways to bring holiday flavor to your upcoming gala, community event, or corporate celebration.

Get festive with decor: Once you have secured your venue and decided on a theme, use decor to help add to the holiday feel of the room. Trending big for 2019 and 2020 is the concept of bringing the outdoors in to the venue. This goes far beyond using decorative items like greens, branches, and nature-inspired decor. Technology such as as image projectors, nature-eholiday partysque gobo lighting, virtual and augmented reality, and textured items like artificial snow are being used to completely transform venues and immerse guests in a new environment. Adding a dress code for the band, as well as guests, that matches the event theme will help bring the entire room together.

Add some holiday cheer to your playlist: Work with your band to add some extra holiday cheer to your event. In addition to their created setlist, see if the musicians can sprinkle in additional tunes that are reminiscent of the holiday you are celebrating. This will help add to the festive feeling without overrunning the celebration with all holiday music.

Feature special characters: Utilizing additional entertainment in conjunction with the band is a great way to add that last bit of holiday flair to your event. Getting spooky for Halloween? Round up a cast of iconic horror movie charfather-christmas-1149928_1920acters to do a flash mob monster mash. Or perhaps you are celebrating Christmas? Hire Santa and Mrs. Claus to make a guest appearance during cocktail hour. Use your theme as a guide to help you incorporate special characters that can entertain and interact with guests.