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Summer in the City: Tips for Concert and Festival-Going

Summer in the City: Tips for Concert and Festival-Going

Chicago is one of the best scenes for enjoying summer outdoor festivals and live music. With so many shows and performances coming up, it is important to be prepared. Check out these tips below to make your summer listening experience a breeze!

Find your fit: Hundreds of festivals and community events take place in the summer months. When choosing which to attend, think about what you kind of experience you want to have. Are you looking for an event with both food and music? Other options to consider are events with food and activities, events with family-friendly amenities or couple-friendly amenities, and events with multiple music artists.

Do your research: Gathering information beforehand will help to ensure that you can enjoy the festival when you arrive, instead of worrying about small details like where to park. Look up the event and event location to help determine what parking is available, where to stay, where you can set up tents or picnic supplies, what time to arrive to guarantee seating for your group, and if there are any additional fees you may encounter.

Prep for the weather: In Chicago in particular, the weather can fluctuate day to day, and even hour to hour. Pack these essentials to be ready for whatever the Windy City throws at you – sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat, a reusable water bottle, a rain jacket or poncho, a blanket for events with lawn seating, and an extra layer. These items will help to keep you in the crowd and out of the medical tent.

Bring friends: Music is best when shared with friends! Use tools like MeetUp and Facebook groups and events to invite your favorite festival friends and create a space for communication. When it comes to the festival itself, cell service can be unpredictable in large crowds. Set up a meeting spot beforehand to ensure that you and your festival-going friends can find one another if you get separated. Packing a portable phone charger will help to keep your phone battery full, no matter how many exciting videos and photos you are posting to social media.