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Entertainment Ideas for a Diverse Audience

Entertainment Ideas for a Diverse Audience

Finding entertainment that can span a variety of age groups, demographics, and interests can seem like an intimidating task. Check out these ideas from our team for finding the perfect versatile entertainment group for your upcoming events.

Cover Bands: For interactive entertainment that will keep energy levels high, you can’t go wrong with a cover band. Seasoned bands, especially those equipped with a variety of musicians and instrument sections, have the ability to read the room and change songs or genres on the fly to keep guests interested similar to a DJ.

Tribute Acts: Everything from the venue to the food to the decor to the music can help you transport your guests to another time or place. Hiring a tribute act is a great way to immerse your guests in your event theme. Recreate the music of the era and cultivate an authentic feel to your event.

Celebrity Performers: Nothing puts your event on the map quite like hiring a celebrity artist to perform at your celebration. The key is finding the right performer to match your theme, demographic, or style of event. Adding a celebrity element to your entertainment takes some skill, as well as the right connections (so pause now before you try to DM the members of Journey on social media!). For assistance finding a celebrity for your event, reach out to a talent company, like Magnificent Events.