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Amp Up Your Event with a Custom Show

Amp Up Your Event with a Custom Show

Did you know that live bands can provide customized sets to fit any event theme or occasion? Whether you are looking to capture the excitement of your favorite movie or transport guests to a different era, there are many ways to utilize your band to bring your event theme to life. Get some inspiration for your upcoming events by checking out our tips and ideas for custom shows below.


12573954_1033639966678438_3225910807909326993_nEras: Choosing a time period as an event theme allows room for creativity and originality. Not only will this help add to the excitement, but it will influence your event decor, guest dress code, the food served, and the music played. Complete your 1920’s Gatsby-style party with a big band and swing music that sets the tone for the evening with an unmistakable sound and energy. Or host a throwback 90’s party, complete with all the best grunge tunes or boy band hits from this incredible decade.

Location: Transport guests to a new location by fitting your event soundtrack to your event theme. Hosting an island or beach-themed event? Take it one step further by having your band play yacht-rock favorites and beachy tunes. Or maybe you are hosting a barn party. Add in some fiddles for a hometown country feel. No matter where you are looking to take your guests, performing music inspired by the location will help truly transform your space.

Movies: Recreate your favorite movie for an event that is truly unforgettable. Bring your selection to life 15747409_10154919506673750_4096541186815605037_nwith projectors playing scenes from the movie, corresponding food and decorations, and encouraging your hired band to take part. This can be as simple as having the band dress up like characters from the movie, or as involved as playing songs and scores from the picture soundtrack. Some of our past Maggie Speaks clients have recreated amazing classics like Star Wars and Back to the Future!

Celebrity Shows: Have you always wanted to have your favorite band or musician perform at your celebration? Celebrity sit-in shows are a fantastic way to create this one-of-a-kind experience without blowing your entire event budget. Legendary musicians can join your hired band for a handful of songs, creating an exclusive performance and intimate setting.