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Maggie Speaks Celebrates 20 Successful Years!

Maggie Speaks Celebrates 20 Successful Years!

June marks the 20th Anniversary of Maggie Speaks emergence into the event and entertainment industry. Coming from humble beginnings, Maggie Speaks has made a name for themselves in the music and event entertainment industry and traveled the globe to perform at extraordinary events and festivals. 

On June 20, 1998, Maggie Speaks performed it’s first show at the Lyon’s Brewing Company opening for Arra, another legendary cover band from the Chicago area. The original members were David Calzaretta (bass/vocals), Bob Jalaie (guitar/keys and vocals), Bijon Jalaie (drums), Zoey Szmulewitz (guitar) and Chuck Cruser (guitar and vocals).

2001 Maggie SpeaksSince that first show, Maggie Speaks has gone on to perform well over 3,000 shows in 13 different countries and 33 different states. The band has grown their musical family to include five bands additional bands – Spoken Four, Final Say, Shout Out Band, and Enough Said – and created Talk of the Town Big Band, as well as other off-shoot projects like Eagles Tribute band, One of These Nights.

Through two decades of success, Maggie Speaks shows no signs of slowing down.  To help commemorate 20 years of success and longevity, Maggie Speaks will be taking part in a number of celebrity-centered events this summer. On July 4th, Maggie Speaks will be joined on stage by Fran and Anton Cosmo, formerly of Boston at the Itasca Fireworks Celebration. Following this amazing event, Maggie Speaks will team up with 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears, Dan ‘Danimal’ Hampton and Steve Mongo McMichael at Plainfield Fest. To top off a celebratory summer, Maggie Speaks will be joined by Art Alexakis of Everclear at Ottawa’s Riverfest. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!