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Rock Around the Block: Tips for a Successful Community Event

Rock Around the Block: Tips for a Successful Community Event



Spring is officially upon us, with summer soon to follow. From finding the perfect hosting location to hiring the best live bands, there are many important factors to take into account when planning a community event. Whether you are looking to throw a small neighborhood block party or an elaborate festival, use these tips to help guide you!


Location, Location, Location: Like any event, finding the perfect location is key. However, when it comes to planning events that involve an entire neighborhood or community, there are special considerations to take into account. Will the location interfere with any other events taking place? Are there any restrictions to the location regarding noise, alcohol consumption, or parking? Have nearby residents been notified? Is there space and electricity for your entertainment and food vendors? Coordinating with your city department can help you sort through any necessary permits, ordinances to follow, and flow of traffic issues.


Build Your Team: Hosting a successful event takes a strong team. Be sure to plan ahead and draft a list of everyone that will need to be involved in the planning process. Areas to consider recruiting team members for include organization and track keeping of tasks, security or healthcare needs, on-site and day of coordinators, marketing team, an entertainment manager, as well as event staff and volunteers.


Promote Your Event: Utilizing social media to create event pages and groups not only helps spread the word about your event, but gives community members a forum to post questions and invite their friends. Try using event calendars from your park district, local publications, and community groups to share your event as well such as SpinGo, TribLocal, and Suburban Life.

Use these tips to help guide you as you prepare for your summer events. Remember to enjoy the day and appreciate watching the hardwork of you and your team come to life. Rock on!