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On an Island in the Sun: Planning Entertainment for Your Destination Wedding

On an Island in the Sun: Planning Entertainment for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are an exciting and memorable way to celebrate your big day. Visit our tips below to learn more about planning and booking entertainment for your destination wedding.

Know Your Venue: Whether you are tying the knot on a warm sandy beach or a venue overlooking the mountains, it is important to know your space. Is there adequate space to accommodate the type of band or entertainment you wish to hire? Will you need to bring your own power source? Does the venue itself have rules or regulations in regards to entertainment vendors? Will cultural norms at your destination affect your entertainment? Knowing these perimeters beforehand will help you avoid any hiccups or space issues on your big day.


Secure Travel: When booking a band, it is important to have a thorough travel itinerary. Who will be booking the plane tickets for the entertainment? Will you be in charge of finding a lodging or will the booking agency take over that responsibility? Has food, medical needs, and other considerations been accommodated? Communicating expectations and collaboratively coming up with a game plan will ensure that you and your entertainment are on the same page.

Have a Backup Plan: When there is travel involved there is always a chance for complications. Ask your entertainment to arrive a day or two early to prevent any canceled flight or missed layover mishaps. Consider hiring an entertainment vendor with a full band or support team. This ensures that if a particular entertainer pops up ill last minute there will still be someone available to manage your entertainment needs.  If you are feeling extra generous, you can even put together some restaurant or activity recommendations for the entertainment to enjoy with you when they arrive.

Be Creative: Destination weddings allow you to be creative with your wedding theme and entertainment. Try tying in island-related songs like the Beach Boy’s “Kokomo” or Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” into your requested set-list to truly create a tropical atmosphere for you and your guests. Or consider utilizing a unique element such as a local Hawaiian musician or Mexican mariachi guitarist to play along with your entertainment to create that truly authentic feel.